Ron Thompson: Tupelo businessman finds success through faith and hard work

By Amanda Jewel Warren

Ron Thompson is a highly successful entrepreneur who lives by the Biblical scripture: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” [Matthew 6: 33 KJV] This is where Thompson believes his success fully begins. 

“I feel like as long as I consult God in all decisions, whether it be business, family or personal, I feel like he’s continuing to add growth in terms of prosperity, in terms of money, in terms of lifestyle; he’s been able to provide that for me.”

This mindset along with a drive to succeed has opened the doors of many opportunities for Thompson. 

Thompson became unemployed in September of 2010. While continuing to look for work, he took on the role he lovingly calls “house dad.”  When Toyota moved forward with manufacturing the Corolla, System Automotive Interiors opened their doors in Mantachie, Miss., and opened their arms for Thompson to join the team. “I got hired June 13, 2011, and words can’t describe how great it’s been ever since I’ve been with them,” says Thompson. “They definitely believe in taking care of their team members.” 

Thompson continues to enjoy growing with the company in his role as production control specialist, but also began taking on new streams of income under the umbrella of Thompson Business Solutions, Inc. (TBS, Inc.)

He became an agent for Financial Education Service (FES) in March of 2017, and worked his way up to Executive Sales Director within a year of joining the company. FES helped Thompson to raise his credit score while also providing him a business opportunity. “I consider myself a product of the product,” Thompson says. “Not only have I gotten my credit score back on track, but I’m actually now able to get paid by helping others do the same.”

But he didn’t stop there. Thompson enjoyed hosting friends and family in his own home, which motivated him to develop the idea of Ron T’s Serv & Sip Bartending Services. Once he obtained his license, his focus for this business was bartending for housewarmings, wedding receptions, birthdays, and other events. 

Then during quarantine in the spring of 2020, Thompson decided to look up some of the drinks he had enjoyed while visiting Jamaica. After making the Miami Vice, he thought he would offer it to those who might be interested in purchasing the beverage. Thompson was surprised by how well this service was received by others, so he began making other drinks as well. 

“Right now, I have over 30 different flavors of frozen drinks and non-frozen concoctions,” says Thompson. His business offers a unique service by providing preordered beverages to patrons within a 50 to 85 mile radius. More information can be found at Ron T’s Serv & Sip Bartending Services’ Facebook page.

In June of 2020, he created Thomp2 Travel & Leisure. Thompson and his wife love to visit other states and countries, and this inspired him to take on the role of travel agent within his own agency. This business allows Thompson the opportunity to book the best flights, hotels, all inclusive resort stays, and anything that may assist in thoroughly enjoying a much needed vacation.

Another role that is close to Thompson’s heart is that of referee. In 1996, Thompson started officiating middle school and church league basketball. Twenty years later, he has moved into calling for collegiate games. “It’s a way for me to continue to be a part of a sport I truly love,” says Thompson. 

He and his wife both are officials for not only basketball, but also high school volleyball. He has seen the sport continue to grow across Mississippi as more schools take on chartering volleyball programs. “Volleyball definitely extends opportunities as far as scholarships and being able to play on the collegiate level,” says Thompson. 

Being involved with both sports is a point of pride for Thompson. “To follow kids from middle school all the way to their senior year, and them realize they are going to play on the next level in that sport, that’s pretty rewarding to see. And to say to myself that I was a part of this process…that’s truly special for me.”

Every business that Thompson has taken on benefits him through bringing in multiple streams of income. “To be a truly successful entrepreneur like the Michael Jordan’s and the Shaquille O’Neal’s, these are men who have multiple streams of income” says Thompson. Residual income through each business offers the chance for him to meet his goals of having a seven figure income, while helping others on the way to finding their own success.

“There’s something called the 40-40-40 plan… You work forty hours a week, for forty years then you only see forty percent of your retirement.” Thompson says that this is no longer working for people to make ends meet, and some won’t live long enough to enjoy retirement. Becoming an entrepreneur is how he sees others breaking free from the traditional mold in order to better their situations. Thompson looks at those who started making masks or selling items online to supplement their income as examples of paths toward entrepreneurship. 

While Thompson thinks education is important, he believes the degree should aid in helping to grow a business as an entrepreneur. “You didn’t get a college degree to get a job making $15 an hour,” says Thompson. “Using your degree to prosper as an entrepreneur is what I want to inspire everyone to do.” 

Thompson says if he knew then what he knows now, he would have used his degree to help him in becoming an entrepreneur during his mid to late 20s instead of pursuing that goal over 25 years later. However, he knows it’s never too late to become your own boss. “My advice to individuals, whether they be young or old, that are looking to pursue entrepreneurships or to start a business, is to always make sure that you find that fit or that niche that’s right for you.” 

Success did not come instantly for Thompson. He tried several online businesses before he found one that suited him. “I think a lot of times, we jump headfirst into opportunities that sound very attractive, but we don’t actually do our research,” Thompson says. He admits this lack of research contributed to the lack of success in those other businesses. 

Then he found FES, and even though he thought it would be a good fit, he wanted to be sure. “It took me thirty days of praying, meditation, and actually seeking God for confirmation to see if this was the one thing that was right for me. And he gave me confirmation.”

Thompson admits making the leap into entrepreneurship can be scary. His advice: “In order to pursue your dreams, you’ve got to take a first step. Fear is definitely a big factor for a lot of people. Have faith over fear.”

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  1. Congratulations Ron on all of your endeavors. You have the answer to it all, seek first the kingdom of God and all else will follow. Continual blessings in your household.

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